Everybody’s Angel … My Hero ~ My Sister

Hello everyone,
This is my first blog and I’m looking forward to sharing what I have to say with you.
I received the inspiration to write this blog after watching an episode of Say Yes to the Dress. In this episode, a woman was looking to find a dress to wear when marrying her own Prince Charming, something I can relate to. The only difference between us is that she was a 24 year old woman suffering from Cervical cancer and I was the woman that watched her sister suffer from the same terrible disease. Unfortunately, for those of us who have loved these women, we know the pain and heartache we have felt to lose them and that is a feeling that will never go away.
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As we have trav…

As we have traveled down the road of life, the time I’ve been given to spend with my sister, has meant more to me than mere words could ever express.
There never seems to be enough time, nor the right place,
to say all the heartfelt things you want your sisters to know.
Sieze every moment, seek out every opportunity, for if you wait for that perfect moment,
you may one day find, it is too late…

~Suzette Gripp~

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